Leading Innovative Vascular Education Symposium 2019, MAY 9-11, 2019, LARISSA

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Welcome message

Together on a life-saving mission

10 years of Leading Innovative Vascular Education

On the occasion of the LIVE 2019 annual symposium in Larissa, IVD will celebrate its 10-year anniversary by sharing the experiences of the past 10 years and speaking about the emerging issues and challenges ahead.

Already 10 years old! And we witness how interest grows, not only in LIVE itself, but in the range of all topics that have been covered. This seems to vindicate the direction we have taken over the last decade.

Each year our symposium gains in maturity and experience, and the 10th edition promises to provide to the scientific community the kind of information and education needed to help all specialists evolve even further in practice.

During the past 10 years, our industry partners were very much present at LIVE, listening to our unmet needs and trying to respond. We are proud of the collaboration we have built together.

Apart from our focus on celebrating medical advances, we wish to broaden our scope to include other innovative and courageous developments.

We are honored to invite you to this celebratory and remarkable event!

Organizing Committee

LIVE Course Directors

 Ε. Arnaoutoglou
Professor of Anaesthesiology,
School of Medicine,
University of Thessaly,
Larissa, Gre

A. Giannoukas
Professor of Vascular Surgery, 

School of Medicine, 
University of Thessaly, 
Larissa, Greece

 N. Labropoulos
Professor of Surgery and Radiology, Director, 
Vascular Laboratory, Department of Surgery, 
Stony Brook University Medical Center, 
New York, USA

M. Lazarides
Professor Emeritus of Vascular Surgery, 

School of Medicine,

"Democritus" University of Thrace, 

Alexandroupolis, Greece 

 M. Matsagkas
Professor of Vascular Surgery,
School of Medicine, 
University of Thessaly, 
Larissa, Greece
 D. Tsetis
Professor of Interventional
Radiology, School of Medicine,
University of Crete, 
Heraklion, Greece
   I. Tsolakis
Professor of Vascular Surgery,
School of Medicine, 
University of Patras, 
Patras, Greece


Program Committee



  • A. Giannoukas (Larissa, Greece)
  • M. Matsagkas (Larissa, Greece)
  • C. Ioannou (Heraklion, Greece)
  • D. Tsetis (Heraklion, Greece)
  • N. Labropoulos (New York, USA)



Thursday May 9th, 2019

Friday May, 10th 2019

Saturday May, 11th 2019


Larissa Imperial Hotel
182, Farsalon Street
GR 413 35 Larissa, Greece
Tel: +30 2410 687600
Fax: +30 2410 687687
Website: http://www.larissaimperial.com

e-Abstract Book

Find the e-Abstract Book of the Symposium HERE


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 LIVE 2019 Symposium
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IVD would like to thank the Region of Thessaly and the Municipality of Larissa for their contribution
and all the sponsors for their participation in LIVE 2019 Symposium.




Larissa is the capital of the Thessaly Prefecture in central Greece. It is a commercial, industrial, military and transportation center. It is also the seat of the University of Thessaly’s Medical School and hosts one of the largest technical colleges in Greece.

According to archaeological evidence the city and its area has been inhabited since the tenth millennium BC. Legend says that Achilles was born here and Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, died here. The area is home to ancient Roman and Greek theatres, a selection of fine museums and various important landmarks are located very close to the city.

At its outskirts, on the road to Tyrnavos, one can visit the monument of Hippocrates where his tomb was found, the river Pineios which crosses the stunning valley of Tembi or within easy driving distance the colossal rock of Meteora with the world known monasteries speaking directly to the visitors' hearts. Mount Olympus, the home of the ancient Greek gods, the city of Trikala and the traditional village of Pellion are also in the vicinity.

All in all, Larissa is a “sweet” city amongst green dunes and imposing mountains.

Useful Information During your Stay in Larissa

Aera Codes

The international dialing code for Greece is 0030, which is only necessary when dialing from abroad.
The dialing area code for Larissa is 241 and for Athens is 210

For a national call in Greece: area code + telephone number
For an international call to Greece: international dialing code for Greece + area code + telephone number




Useful Phone Numbers

Telephone Information (OTE)


All emergencies / European Emergency Center (free call)


Local police (free call)


National Emergency Aid Center (free call)


Fire station emergency (free call)


Emergency Pharmacies, Hospitals, Doctors (0.5€/minute)



Time Zone

Larissa, like all of Greece is on Eastern European Time (EET). During May, time is two hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+2).



Larissa has a typical Mediterranean climate with mild winters and warm summers. In May the weather is comfortably warm with sunny days and cool evenings. Temperatures range between 15 and 20 Celcius degrees. Rainfalls can happen but infrequently.


Currency, Banks and Credit Cards

Greece uses the Euro as currency. 

All major credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard) are accepted by most stores and venues. However in smaller stores and kiosks you may be asked to pay in Cash. 

Banking hours are typically: Monday-Thursday from 8:00 AM - 2:30 PM and Friday from 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM. Some branches and shopping malls extend their opening times on Saturday mornings.

Cash withdrawals from ATMs are available 24h/day. Numerous ATM machines can be found on Tsimiski, Mitropoleos and Egnatia central streets so that you will not have any difficulty to withdraw money.


Electricity - Converters

The current in Greece is 230 V.
The standard frequency is 50 Hz.
The power sockets used are of type F.

Please contact the reception desk for available converters.



Tap water in Larissa is safe to drink. However, in some sub-locations in the center it is recommended to ask the locals. In some cases the water might be of poor quality due to the age of the pipelines.



The meeting organizers cannot accept liability for personal injuries sustained or for loss of or damage to property belonging to Symposium participants (or their accompanying persons) either during the congress meetings and post congress activities. Please obtain proper travel and health insurance prior to your trip.


Internet Access

Free wi-fi zones abound, and many cafes and restaurants offer wi-fi for customers.



Tipping is optional in Greece. However it is customary to round up the sum if you are satisfied with the service.
Tips may be left on the table or you may tell the service that you do not expect to be given any change.


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Promotional Toolkit


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All registered participants are entitled to receive a Certificate of Attendance 
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of the online evaluation form available 

Participation of at least 60% of the total duration of the scientific programme is required!



Do not forget to register
for the Workshop

Chimney EVAR: How we do it

Register now for the Workshop that will take place during the upcoming
 LIVE 2019 Symposium
on Friday, 10th May at 16:00-18:00.

 Pre-registration is required.

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