ESD Conference

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Badges and Identification

Registration badges will be used during the conference. For identification purposes and admission to session halls, participants are requested to wear their badges at all times.

Certificate of Attendance

Registered participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance at the conference upon completion of the respective Evaluation sheet.

CME accreditation

The ESD 2014 has applied for CME accreditation at the UEMS/EAACME


All Meeting fees are calculated in EUR (€). Participants from countries where currency restrictions prevent them from sending registration fees in advance are asked to inform the Conference Organising Bureau, in order to avoid being charged the late registration fee.

Health & Security tips

When visiting any major city, visitors should take certain health and safety precautions. Cape Town is no different. To make your visit as enjoyable as possible, here are some basic tips:
Health tips
High-quality tap (faucet) water is available across the city and it is both palatable and safe to drink straight from the tap.
The quality of the food is excellent, and Cape Town has some of the top restaurants in the world.
Medical facilities in Cape Town are world-class. There is an excellent network of both state and private hospitals.
If you're an adult, you won't need any inoculations unless you're travelling from a yellow-fever endemic area (the yellow fever belt of Africa or South America), in which case you will need certification to prove your inoculation status when you arrive in the country.
Hepatitis B inoculations are recommended for children up to the age of 12 who have not completed the series of injections as infants.
Cape Town is not a malaria area.
Security tips
Avoid carrying large sums of cash, carrying cameras or video cameras in plain sightand leaving belongings unattended.
Heed the advice of your hosts, Cape Town Tourism Visitor Centre staff or locals on where to go after dark. Try not to walk alone.
Do not allow strangers to assist you in any way at ATMs.
Street children and beggars may approach you for a handout. Many social workers counsel against giving money to the children as it usually gets handed over to an older person or is used to purchase drugs.
At night, park in a secure, well-lit area.
To report any safety incident, phone the following numbers:
All emergencies from your cell phone – 112
All emergencies from a landline – 107
South African Police Services (SAPS) – 10111